Pink, Always A Favorite

Pink will always be a favorite… when it comes to girls.  Why?  Perhaps that rebellion we all had as our mothers had to wrestle us into those pink dresses and hair bands.  We revolted to think that we would ride our bikes with pink tassels, and  many of us pulled the hair band out the minute we turned a corner.  Then one day, those pink little toes, pink little squishy faces and that pink little newborn body we hold for the first time redefines pink.

Our hues go up on the walls, the bedding chosen, and the glass dish that  contains  hair bows with pink accents. Our own little girls now sporting the fashions we once wore and they too rebel against what we choose to dress them in. They will grow up and over the generations pink will still win out.

My youngest clients, little girls from around the age of four on up would always choose the pink rooms.  Mom might cringe, daddy would smile, and together they would say, “we told her she could choose”.  Pink now fills the places and spaces of many little girls. My little girl is all grown. I too allowed her to choose her own room.  She wanted pink.  She was the little girl I had to wrestle with on those days when I wanted her to look pristine.  As we work on building our website and developing rooms that your children will love, we will take time this next month to share some of those rooms of the past.

Here is my daughter’s room.  She chose every single piece.  I was not so fond of the furniture, but she loved it.  Together this was her favorite place.  In the next day or two I will find her room not so pristine, but for now here is a peak from yesterdays past.

1995  First Big Girl Room

Keep in mind that digital cameras were not even thought of when this   picture was taken.  An example of some of our custom work, note the window treatment. We will be offering this valance custom to match  your child’s place or space, in prints and fabrics for both boys and girls.  We’d love to feature some of your pinkest rooms.  Email us some of your favorites and we may feature you on our “Customer Favorites” Page.


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