Designing With Crazy

Designing With Crazy, really only means that it’s crazy how many patterns, prints, and accents are gathered in my office and coming together.  My office is not a fancy office.  It has to be functional for many levels of working. 

Several years ago, I had what I called my “cheater” office.  One that was fancifully designed and arranged for clients, neat as a pin, and one that gave an impression of “oohs & ahs.”  Then, I had a second office on the back wing of my home which was where the piles, papers, prints, patterns, paints, and fabrics were located.  It was a crazy, mad science kind of workspace.  That is what my office is like today. There are no “cheater” offices today.  Too many kids, and every room is used as a sleeping space for my children.

As I spread out the fabrics and get the cutting started, I realize how much fun this is. I hope that you will check back often to follow our Designing with Crazy.


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