Colors Chosen

Colors Chosen

Do you notice the colors chosen  in these two room?  Do you?  Relaxing, sophisticated, refreshing, , soft, stunning and basically amazing.  Oh yes, one more thing, they are using the same color pallets.  Pink, green, and blue.  Two completely different looks, both using the same color pallet.    One room is pressed and flat in how the bedding is displayed. One is puffed and layered, yet each communicates the same kind of special.

It is easy to fall in love with a room, the way it looks, and how it makes you feel.  It can be frustrating when trying trying to duplicate a look you have seen.  Often, what you are falling in love with is the colors chosen and how they are used.  I have had many clients come to me with pictures and say, “this is exactly how I want my room to feel.”  I don’t worry about the accessories in the room. I focus on the colors. Once it’s established, funny things happen, the rooms never can be duplicated exactly, but with the colors chosen my clients are happy.  What are some of the colors you choose when you find those special rooms?


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