Rooms I Have Decorated

Rooms I Have Decorated

Rooms I Have Decorated                                                                                                                                                                                                By Elizabeth Traub                                                                                                                                                                                                       January 15, 2012

I was looking over some pictures today of Rooms I Have Decorated.  In Portland today, there is a spattering of snow. It’s the kind that calls NOT for bundling up and going to play. It’s the kind that says, mud, mush and mess. My boys have been using the entire house for Lego and Star Wars battles, and so here I sit on this cold muddy Sunday afternoon looking over some pictures. I found these two pictures and smiled.

This was a playroom project for a client. She and her children really wanted cheery, sunny, and accents of kids and fun to resonate from this room. Sharing this playroom with both boy and girl. She wanted a space, away from the electronics (TV, Video games, etc.), where her little girl could soak in the sunshine and read. The passions of a young girl lost in her book with a cozy spot in the playroom

I sat down and started penciling out the designs and layout. I have a confession. (Insert an Elizabeth rabbit trail). I attended the Art Institute of Seattle in the mid-80”s. There, our execution of designs, required two things: paper and pencil. Today, even with all the tools and technology I still get so much contentment in my paper and pencil and then putting on paper what my mind designs.

With paint colors chosen and fabrics that followed, this precious little space came together. Bright and cheery and away from the rest of the room’s play things. Two chairs were upholstered in the plaid fabric. Accent pillows on a red sofa in the other fabrics. Using just the scraps of these fabrics pulling together new designs for pillows and even a bench seat cover.

KIds Rooms I Design

This window topper, custom made of wood and then painted softens the bright lime green paint.  It adds a youthful whimsical flair to this playroom.  The little yellow balls on the ends pull in the accents of yellow around the room.

KIds Rooms I Design

Kids Room I Design

As a designer it’s really important that I listen to the emotions behind a room upgrade.  It’s easy to suggest things that I may love, but the reality is that I must design what my clients will love. So happy to report that this client and her children loved their new playroom.  Just one little space of Rooms I Have Decorated.


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