Jazz It Up

Jazz It Up

Jazz It Up
By Elizabeth Traub
January 16, 2012

Ever see something that gets you thinking, “ I want to just Jazz It Up”? I tossed a cute table to Goodwill because it was in the way. (I know better than that.) Several months ago I got inspired to Jazz It Up and remember it’s no longer a resident of my garage.  Instead I found this dingy table at a yard sale.  It was so cheap that I could not pass it up.  It became a resident in my garage and well it was time to Jazz It Up.

I had this lovely teacup in my family room. It was a gift from a friend last winter when I was on bed rest. I have never used it for tea. It is so delicate and pretty, and with a house full of kids it may never survive, so I put it on a shelf.  One day, while looking at my tea cup I thought, “that would be so cute painted on something.”

Teacup Inspiration http://www.hungouttobuy.com

Guess what dingy table made the cut…here it is!  Dingy is about all you can say about this table, however it has some nice lines to it.

Dingy Table-BEFORE http://www.hungouttobuy.com

The tasks are a slight sanding, white paint and then throwing on the colors.  When I paint, especially when doing my best to duplicate a design, I using a layering technique which makes it really easy to transfer a pattern or design.  I start with the lightest colors, and putting those lighter shapes in place and working up to the darkest colors.  I do not put too much pressure on myself for perfection when it comes to painting. I make a bigger mess, sweat more, and give up faster with the pressure of perfection.  Loosely, I enjoy the creative task of working with the paints and patterns.

Things are looking up for this table.  All I had to do was Jazz It Up with some paint and here you have it.


Dingy Table-AFTER http://www.hungouttobuy.com

Lower Part of Table http://www.hungouttobuy.com

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