Realities Of….

The Realities Of our workroom is simply this…we are custom, handmade designers.  What prompts this post today is something my 22-year-old Lovie said to me last night.  This is my only daughter out of five kids.  Do the math on the boys if you wish.

Anyway, we were having our…let’s drink tea and watch TV on mama’s bed moment when she asked why I never sewed my own linens before.  In her words, “you always hired this work out and I love what you are doing.”  My response was this, “remember in the store, the backroom, concrete floors, tables, shelves etc…?  This is what I use to do, but then got so busy with the work load that I had to hire it out. You were too busy counting Beanie Babies to remember.”  That is the story, starting over 20 years ago.

That season in my life was busy, crazy, and managing over 40 employees took me away from the simple fact that I get pleasure out of threading a needle. Dawn and I enjoy our scheduled work days together. Two women sharing our community and passions for design, and we don’t even need coffee to get us going.  The Realities Of our workroom look like this.

A lovely view from my our sewing table into the world of peace and calm.  There is much to be said about driving such a simple machine.  Not to mention that each time a seam is finished we both, Dawn and I, get giddy.  (My new word is giddy, get use to it as that is the only word I have to describe our excitement.)                                                                                                                                                                  As Dawn works on the cutting, measuring and ironing, she pauses, smiles and says…”I just love this!”  If we didn’t LOVE what we are doing I am certain we would not be doing this.  Love +Passions for Design + Two AWESOME WOMEN (that is us)=products you will soon love.

And then there is a small peek of our storage and organization.  Notice I had to crop out some of the surprises we will be landing on our site soon.  Each time you see or purchase a collection from Hung Out To Buy, you can be certain it was designed, manufactured, and made right here in a small corner of the USA. This is just a glimpse into the Realities Of our simple workroom.


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