Just Adding Color

Just Adding Color

It can be hard to know how to change a room by Just Adding Color. There are so many choices.  Do you ever feel like this?  You brain overwhelmed by all the choices for Just Adding Color!

So many choices and not knowing how to narrow down exactly what color to choose.  Here is a little secret for the indecisive…ask yourself one simple question.  Do you LOVE IT!!!  As designers, we are mindful of the colors to bring in and out with the room decor, the art, the furnishings, the window coverings.  All hugely impacting of the colors chosen.  But if you don’t love it, you never feel quite right in an expensive room make over.

Have you ever walked into a store and without much thought, said out loud “I LOVE THIS”?  No hemming or hawing, you simple see it, love it then buy it.  Putting paint on a wall can have that same affect as well. Often we get so tied up into putting just the right color on our walls that we fear making that choice, because it is a more permanent one.  It’s important that you love it, and it’s important that you are confident in the decisions for color you are making.

If you have to sit on thoughts of this color or that one for days, your heart is not convinced that either is the right color(s) for you.  Listen to your instincts; they are telling you something.   If you have to go to your influences and have them help you decide, you may not be happy with their choices down the road, because it was not what YOU loved.

As a young designer, back in my 20’s, I made many color mistakes with my clients.  Looking at a room, the size, the inspirations, and then choosing colors. My clients were dependent on me to make those decisions for them. I learned early on that my decisions were not always the best for my clients. I learned very quickly how to read body language and then one day I found that I had a 100% client satisfaction record, in that I would respond to the “I LOVE IT” factor.  Before doing any room make overs, or buying accessories, replacing furniture, art, area rugs, take a wander through the paint section of your local home improvement store.  (I went to Home Depot.)  Look through all the colors, and then choose the ones you LOVE – the ones you don’t have to talk yourself into loving.  You might be surprised with the change in direction of your next painting project.  I am not saying not to ask the advice of others. Influences are important, but more importantly is that you LOVE IT!!!

It seems easy enough to brighten, change, or add something more to a room by Just Adding Color.  You can do this! The Love factor with color baby by Just Adding Color!

This fabric inspired me and I love it.  Going to be making some changes around here.   Now on to choose some paint colors…..simple pulls in the directions of Just Adding Color.

How do you make the decisions in Just Adding Color?


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