Designer Picks of the Week

Designer Picks of the Week

Designer Picks of the Week
By Elizabeth Traub

What exactly are Designer Picks of the Week?  At first I thought I should type “Pics” instead of “Picks” because pictures do tell a better story than I can write.  Designer Picks of the Week are simply this:  I am recognizing and choosing some of the things I have seen in the last week that are my favorites.

I have become a closet pinner on Pinterest.  I am hoping to shed a few pounds since I traded in ice-cream at night for pinning and we all know that ice-cream and laptops do not mix. On our Hung Out To Buy Pinterest pages, I have boards in categories of color.  ( If you are on Pinterest, come and follow us.) I am particularly proud of the Green rooms.  Keep in mind that these rooms are not rooms that I have personally decorated, but found scattered across the Internet. If you see your own room here, let me know so I can give you credit.  It’s hard sometimes to track down where these pictures originate, but none the less they are my Designer Picks of the Week.

This first room is very interesting in how the color green was used on the furniture.   Green brightens.  Green is part of the tertiary family of color. Those colors in-between the basic primary colors.  They lend themselves well to mix and match with most colors and often, if mixed with a primary color, you get a brown hue that is not so attractive.  I love how the designer incorporated two beds on this oversized wall unit.  Custom builds that add additional storage space on the opposite wall affords lots of play space for these kids.  It’s fresh and crisp, and rather than splash paint on the walls, it’s maximized on the furnishing. Often when you see a room like this, it’s that feeling of “well I don’t have a designer to do this for me.” mentality.  Go and buy some hues of green and splash that color onto your old tired furniture.  You might surprise yourself.

This next room is WOW bright!  I love the yellow and green, which is softened by the blue hues on the walls.  Most of us own a chest of drawers, and a bookcase.  This is what I am talking about when I say, go and buy some paint and paint your furniture. The simple accent of yellow on the shelves of that bookcase breathe new life into it.  That chest is so basic, but with the combination of color it looks wowser.  This room is very cute and sweet for a younger child.

Then this last room. Tight on space, but both functional and fun with the use of some green accents.  This is a much more sophisticated room, perhaps for a much older child than the first two rooms.  Very little expense in the accented green shelves above the walls.  Very well put together for a room with limited space. The green accents are truly what make this room extra special.

Green is my favorite color.  A color that reminds me that life is still real, authentic and good.  Perhaps that is why these are some of my favorites.  Did you notice that these three rooms represent various ages of children? These are rooms that grow from toddler through teen. I did that for the purpose and simply stating, there is no age limit to green hues in a child’s room. Which of these three rooms is your favorite?  What do you think of my Designer Picks for the Week.


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