Ten Ways To Sit

Ten Ways To Sit

Ten Ways To Sit
By Elizabeth Traub

Ten Ways To Sit is simply a look at just that, Ten Ways To Sit. There are hundreds of ways to sit, but I am just choosing ten today.  I have observed through my own children that sitting has never really been a favorite past time.  Even when sitting at a dinner table, rarely is there this perfect polite sitting. Knees forward, small of your back to the back of the chair, sitting up straight and those silly rules for kids that come with sitting.  Dawn and I had a meeting this morning.  We even asked ourselves this question.

“Could we sit is a room with about 20 of our peers for about 5-6 hours a day, five days a week?”  No thought went into our answer.  A simple NO NO NO.  Do not make me sit, even with my favorite people in the world, for hours upon hours, and days upon days.  And then we smile as our children do just that kind of sitting in school.

I have enjoyed all the fun little sitting spots my kids seem to find around the house.  Eric decided that a built in, double deep shelf makes a perfect sitting area for his school reading.  It’s more of a lounge spot.  Dawn’s oldest son, when in the 3rd grade needed a quiet place, away from kids to sit and read. Guess where he ended up? In the boy’s bathroom, tucked in corner reading.  Our children do a lot of sitting.  So in honor of the  sitting our children do every day,  I have chosen my favorite Ten Ways To Sit.

What are some of your favorite kinds of sitting places and spaces for your kids?  Which of these ten seats are your favorite. Mine is the Aqua Blue Set. If they had that in a grown up size I would buy it, and then add another room to my house to put it.


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