Wall Inspirations

Wall Inspirations

Wall Inspirations
By:  Elizabeth Traub
February 17, 2012

Wall Inspirations is simply something that you love, and can actually build a room around. What is the magic of an inspiration?  It starts with an emotion.  That deep long sigh of exhaling.  I love to use the word “stunning” when my breath is taken away.  You look at something, in this case something on your wall, or something that needs to be purchased for you wall, or ideas you see on a wall.  You stand back and without deep thoughts of how you will use it, you just know that you want to use this.  I took a little tour through Pinterest this past week.  The amazing wall finds is what has me writing today.  How could a room be built around some of my own Wall Inspirations.  Following are a series of pictures which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  If you are not a creative type, or have that design eye, you might come away after reading with more confidence to listen to your emotions over what you love and what inspires. I sure hope you do.

What I love about this collage of fabrics is the pop of colors.  Color that is complemented with the nightstand and the lamp.  What else could be built around this wall?  EVERYTHING!!!  There is so much color that anything introduced into this room is an anything goes.  Just a glimpse of a map, and it works with the accents and pops of color.

I am a toy collector. Or I should say keeper.  With five kids, the oldest 24 and the youngest 5, it would be very easy to be inspired to build a wall out of the things I love.  Things that hold special meaning of squishy little toddler hands playing. I am guessing this wall came together out of the inspiration of darling bright colored toys that were played with by special little people.  Not only is function introduced with the storage container, but also time and music.  I own two very old xylophones and someday, when grand-kids come along, I will most likely have a wall like this somewhere.

Inspiration? YES!!!  Can you see this above a little bed with some green, blue and purple bedding?  I would paint the opposite wall of this picture the same color as the frame, that deep Aqua Blue that is so popular right now.  How cute would a little green painted piece of furniture be?  One picture turns an entire room into a designer showcase and you did it all with just one picture of colorful inspiration.

Ahoy there matey!  Did you know you can build a picture into a larger size by simply adding bigger matting layers and frames?  How about two red walls opposite each other?  Then two bright white walls.  Striped bedding in red along the white wall.  Your child’s name in black on the red walls.  Add in all the elements of your little pirate’s treasures and you have built an entire room around this one Wall Inspiration.

As a designer, I was never a fan of fabric covered canvas boards. I thought it was a fast, cheap and easy “fix”.  I am a Wall Inspiration convert.  If you can find a fabric you love and have a large space on your wall to fill, this really is an easy fix…and amazing! An entirely drab room can come together quickly and cost effectively.  Imagine that soft hue of blue on a wall or two.  Imagine painted furniture. The paints chosen from this one piece of fabric.  Imagine making a pillow or two with the appliques of the circles in this picture.  Imagine a duvet cover in this fabric.  Fast, cheap and easy never looked so nice. Go for it. You can do this.

When I found this picture, I really said to myself, “I would have used this in my son Emerson’s room.”  This is his personality.  Happy, colorful and imaginative.  I would take the yellow/gold hues and paint two walls that color. Walls that are opposite of each other. Then I would paint one wall that lighter green, and another red.  This picture would be the centerpiece of his room.  He has a play castle that sits in his room, ready with all the pieces.  This would be a perfect Wall Inspiration.

How many of us love to incorporate an animal theme into our child’s room?  Often the struggle is how to get  the right look for the animals. Too cutesie, too cartoony, too real, too scary…and then you see it. You stop, you sigh, and you think, ” this is it!”  Wall Inspirations are like that.  Then, painting that hue of orange and yellow in a room.  Finding bedding, or fabrics to make bedding to build around just one simple picture.  I bet there is fabric out there to model the striped background of this picture, making an excellent idea for a window covering.  Transferring all over the room, simple elements from this one Wall Inspiration.

“I want lots of color in my room, but don’t want a lot of stuff.”  I hear this often.  A Wall Inspiration can do just that.  Using a picture with lots of color.  Even though the first picture has lots of color shown in those fabric circles, for some that is too much and too busy.  A picture like this.  A single item to build the simplistic elements of your room. Keep your room from being boring and uninteresting.

Thisis a wall mural.  Favorite colors put on a one wall in this little girls room.  The inspiration was fairies and the color purple. Notice I don’t lock myself into just one hue of purple.  There is a lot of stress and anxiety that come when locked into the exact color.  I had to mix and match bedding and window treatments with this room. So I made sure to add various hues of green and purple, which worked well with this room.

Wall Inspirations? Yes, for this seven year old who answers to the name of Eric.   Allowing our children to have a voice in what inspires them was a small giving up of what I had hoped his room would look like. This room is the first one you see into at the top of the staircase. I am a designer, I specialize in kids, I have five kids..sheesh. Is it too much to ask that this room be my best work?   It may not be my best work, but it is Eric’s best work.  The little Lego Starwars dude used these boxes for his Wall Inspiration.

You can use just about anything to spark your emotions and your passion for Wall Inspirations.  What are some things you use for Wall Inspirations?


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