Whoooooo Loves Owls?

Whoooooo loves Owls?  After yesterday, I can say without a doubt that Dawn and I love owls.  We have worked on how we want our design to look and coordinate with our collections.  Something fun, whimsical, interesting, balanced and did I mention visually  fun.  So together, we started cutting, painting, and cutting again and finding all of the elements that make these guys part of your child’s room and very much part of our offering in our collections.

I know it is silly to give inanimate objects special names, but we did.   Each owl carries the name of the collection it is designed to go with.  We are offering two options for purchase.  (printed poster or Canvas in an 11″x14″ size.)   If you are interested in one of these pieces, send us an email and we will give you all the specifics.  We are not quite ready to start selling yet, just creating, designing and shall we say wisely placing some teasers for whooooo ever might be interested..Whoooooo Loves Owls?

Whooooooo is your favorite. Let us know your thoughts or email if you have any questions.


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