What About This?

What About This?

What about this?

Move all your kids into one room and free up that precious real estate in your home. I know my boys would not be in favor of that. Just the question would have them making faces. I have no idea what the sleeping arrangements are at your house, but I could sure use one of these. Currently, of my five children, four are living at home.  Every available room allows each child to have their own room.  As I wandered in the wee morning hours to check on each child, I began to ponder the idea of just bunking them all up.  The three boys anyway.  My one and only girl might not go for sharing with three boys, so she can stay put…or not.  She occupies the largest of the bedrooms. It would be some major room changing.  But, by putting all three boys in one room, just think of the decorating and designing I could do with the two extra rooms.

I have raised all my kids to be respectful of each others’ space. They each have their own private space. There they can be assured that their treasures, toys, books, and special things will not be taken or played with by another.  Is this a good thing?  When I was growing up I had a friend named Heidi.  She had nine sisters and brothers (more sisters).  They had a big room, and on two walls they had lined up:  bed, five-drawer chest, bed, five-drawer chest, etc. If my memory serves me right, there were a total of three beds and chests lined up on one wall and then the same on the opposite wall.

Why do we fashion rooms for our children as private quarters?  I personally LOVE having my own space and I believe that our children need that too. Especially after being in school with people all day, all my children find a their rooms to be a retreat.  I imagine in most cases we can afford the space.  I see that I can afford the space, but it’s at the cost of some valuable real estate.  I would love to have a guest room, a study room, a room that I have the option to think about how it might be used.  If I really had my way I would have one of these. (see below)  Then I would have four rooms and imagine if I wanted to take an early cross country trip. No one has to get out of bed!

The following picture would be my personal ideal. I love that each bed has its’ own light and some kind of shelf built in.  This frees up the floor for what…?  How do your kids sleep?  What about this kind of set up do you like? How many kids occupy your valuable real estate?  If you have some pictures to share of your space, link in the comment space below.


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