Beginning To Tell Our Story

Beginning to tell our story starts with our realities  here at Hung Out To Buy.  We are two very creative, easily entertained, and inspired shop owners of this soon to be, pages filled,  custom boutique for kid’s bedroom fashions.  Today in the “shop” we started over with shooting our pictures.  We spent 8 hours last week on one room, and after pinning and posting pictures, we realized we did not LOVE  how they turned out. So, back to trying to tell our story with pictures.  We could hire a photographer, with years of experience, spending our self-funded limited funds.  Or we could invest in our own fancy camera, which we did, and shoot our own pictures.

I, Elizabeth, am writing this blog post.  I have only been told once in my life that I can take fabulous pictures. It happened one day last summer.  Spending a lovely afternoon on the Oregon coast.  Stunning sunshine, warm breeze and the kids all over the beach. One problem… I forgot my glasses. (since that beach event I am now carrying extra’s).  I brought my camera, but could not see what I was shooting. It was just aim, shoot, and hope for the best.  Later that evening I loaded the pictures onto Facebook and my daughter immediately let me know that the pictures were my BEST work!  Apparently if I am blind as a bat I can shoot a picture.

Enter Dawn, my amazing and gifted partner. Her new fancy camera, my designer’s eye and away we went today.  Together, adding, taking away,  and changing things up.  Her creative brain against mine. What a team.  We shot two full rooms today and will soon have all other pictures replaced.  This one picture I have pinned, tweeted a few times and realize how easily pleased I am.  Within  the next two weeks we hope to have all the bedding beautifully displayed.  We will also be adding our “used & renewed” products too.  I had to take a break from a busy day and show this one shot that begins to tell our story.

What one picture tells your story?


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