Our Story Continues…

Our Story Continues…

Our Story Continues…
Dawn and I have really been busy working on our business.  We are enjoying getting to know so many of you through social media.  We are not ashamed to say that we are brand new, and I mean just barely out of that painful birth canal kind of new into our web business.

We have grabbed hold of the coat tails of many social media guru’s out there.  Visit their websites and follow them on Twitter. Tim Lorang @Image_Media http://www.imagemediapartners.com/.  This guy spent two hours on the phone with me explaining the technical parts of Social Media.  Jamie Crager @JamieCrager http://crowdshifter.com/ Jamie posts all kinds of great links around Social Media. He was also nice enough to read one of my blogs and provide feedback and point out my typos.  Robert Caruso @fondalo  http://www.bundlepost.com/ is a local for us.  He too posts all kinds of links, writes his own blogs and really has the best social media graphic for each day.

I am a reading and following groupie.  Clicking and reading just about everything they are putting out there. Dawn and I are linking each other to great reads and then discussing our approach. Seriously, go and grab onto to these three dudes and their coat tails. Guys who know A LOT more than we do.

The small reality is that I, Elizabeth have never found sitting at a computer very enjoyable.  You see, in all this computer stuff I am doing a lot of sitting.  I have computer ADD and my mind wanders.  As a matter of fact, I have so much computer ADD, that I recently found myself in the bathroom, buck naked (which is quite appropriate since that is how we all come into this world, in our case the world wide web!).  Sitting at my desk, reading articles, having thoughts on writing a blog, and 20 seconds later standing on a scale with just my glasses on, and wondering how many ounces they would add to the scale.  Thinking about sitting, and all these thoughts about how inactive I have been, launched without any thought, my trip into the bathroom. I am happy to report that the scale had good news.

I have even resorted to eating lunch at my desk.
Today: Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, Bacon, Salsa

Our story is much like any young entrepreneurial company.  Excitedly determined, hardworking, and ready to take on the challenges of the day.   The only difference is we are not so new in our concepts, our designs, and our experiences.  We have over 20 years of experience in the design world. Especially specializing in kids rooms.  Those experiences came in real face to face time, real show rooms, real warehouses, and real stock rooms.  I like sharing our story. Dawn, she is a bit more private than I am, and I love her for that. She keeps my impulses and free spirit soaring in the right direction.  As our story unfolds, you who are beginning with us, can watch our progress.  So together, we share some of the behind the scenes as our story continues.

I have been on the edge of laughing really hard today.  Dawn and I prepared some of our “sets” for a photo shoot.  Living in the NW we have few sunny days. The name,  “Hung Out To Buy,” was birthed out of a long walk Dawn and I took last fall. We saw scenery that was begging to have our pretty things hung on. Old fences and flower gardens with clotheslines.  We had visions for our photo shoots.  Well, our reality is so very different. It just will not stop raining long enough for those kinds of shoots. We have inventory we would like to start moving onto our website, so we have made a room in my home our official workroom.

I called my husband to inform him that his sleep space might be a little girly, but don’t worry it will all be moved before he slumbers tonight.  As I look around I think we have truly given new meaning to our company name, “Hung Out To Buy” because there is a ton of stuff hanging around. I know it’s a little premature, but really it’s worth laughing along with us. Here are some pictures of our reality. Our work room, our warehouse, our stock room.  Our website is our showroom, and hopefully by the time a picture makes it on the web we have cleaned up our act a little bit.

Enjoy some of these pictures…as our story continues.

We have ordered plenty of lamps.
Now to decide which make the next
Photo Shoot

Dawn irons out all the ruffles & wrinkles.

It's as if they are asking, "Is it our turn yet."

Dear Lovely Husband, Thanks for giving up your reading chair.

We all have stories to share. What are some of your stories? If you have a favorite one that tells your story, feel free to link inside your comment so we can read about you, and share with others.  Happy Day Everyone! Dawn & Elizabeth


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