Painted Designs

How do you take all the Painted Designs out of your head, and begin to put them on paper?

Surrounded by paint colors, paint brushes, and my good friend, business partner, and pal Dawn, our goal was to work out some of the patterns we will be using for our custom projects.  How do we do it?  We just start painting, talking, and soon an idea turns into a design, which then hits the paper, which then becomes our sample. The paints are mixed, and the brushes are going, and hopefully we are not groaning.  Well, there was some groaning.  Taping to get the lines perfect, lining up the colors and then realizing that it just was not right.  This did produce a few groans.  Supplemented with some good coffee, laughs, and chitchat, we create the designs so you have choices.

Hung Out To Buy has products  that we transform from a scrap of unfinished wood into a pretty painted peg rack, personalized letters, or a nice sturdy shelf.  Our patterns, although shown in specific colors, can be matched with any decor.  We give you the colors and designs you want.  We can match with your color scheme and assist you in choosing what colors & designs will work best for your room.

Here are some of our favorites from today.  In the next week will be adding  more to our “Wall” page.  With just the right products and patterns, we can customize our very own Painted Designs.

Which ones are your favorite Painted Designs?


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