Loved Before

What exactly is Hung Out To Buy doing with “Loved Before” items?  How can we best describe these lovely things that have had previous ownership?  First, take a look at these guys…

Emerson's Favorite Red doggie

Eric's "Special" Blanky (8yrs. old)

These two “Loved Before” items represent a clinging for your life kind of love.  All children have those less than attractive “Loved Before”, and still being loved, never going to be parted with items.  I took Eric on a business trip with me when he was just 5 months old.  I was meeting with a client to help design her bedding collection for an upcoming trade show.  Knowing I was coming with an infant, she had this gorgeous creamed colored fleece and minky fabric car-seat blanket waiting for Eric.  Eric pulled that blanket into his face and eight years later it is still cherished at bedtime. A nanny once picked up this “Special Blanky” to toss in the garbage thinking it was, in her words, “a disgusting rag.”  The “Red Doggie” as it’s called, has been around for over 20 years.  My daughter wanted it, and then it sat on a shelf until Emerson came along and claimed it.  These “Loved Before” items are NOT the kind of items we will be featuring on our website.

Our designer “Loved Before” items  are items we have purchased back from our clients, or simply great finds that have been carefully “Loved Before”. Items that were taken care of, cherished, and loved, and still look as good as the day they were purchased.  We are designers who love the finer things for your children. We also know that finding those designer things is not always about being brand new.  Take at look as these three pictures below.  Focus on the bedding accents.  Can you believe that these have been “Loved Before”?  Treasured, cared for and “Loved Before.” Using the best quality fabrics that still maintain their vibrant colors and little or no wear and definitely no tares.  All items we feature that have been “Loved Before” will always be prefaced as “Love Before” items.

Loved Before Yellow Posie Fullsize Duvet Cover & Sham
Accents Pillows & Accessories Sold Separately

Loved Before Blue Posie Twin Duvet Cover & Sham
Accent Pillows & Accessories Sold Separately

Loved Before Lady Bug
Bumper & Crib Quilt

You won’t find “Loved Before” items only in our bedding.  Throughout our entire website we will bring  you great finds, great savings and simple, fashionable boutique “Loved Before” items.

What are somethings, that have that same look at “Red Doddy” & “Speical Blanky”

that your kids have hung onto?


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