Vases in Kid’s Rooms

Vases in Kid’s Rooms

Vases In Kid’s Rooms
By Elizabeth Traub
April, 12 2012

Vases, in a kid’s room, really?  Vases are every where. Ranging in price, color, size, style and shape.  I have seen vases used in the loveliest of homes. Used to add color and style to one simple place on a table, shelf, or wall.  Look how lovely these vases are?

What about using vases in a kid’s room to add those pops of color?  There are so many ways you can bring color into a child’s room. It does not have to be in a place that is going to create dangers.  Most children can not reach the top of a five-drawer chest.  And when they can reach the top, they are of the age to understand cause and effect.  Most kids are not going to be able to reach a vase up on the top of a bookcase or wall shelf.  Now if your child is not supervised, like some of mine, they do manage to find their way into every corner of their rooms.

Using a vase in a kid’s room adds an inexpensive way to pop colors.  If you love color, and want to bring out more colors you can simply take a trip to the store and stock up on vases.  I know we all know the basic use of some colored pots or vases such has holding stuff like pens and pencils such as this picture. I even threw in a couple of flower pens to add a bit more style and color.

Here are some ideas taken from just a handful of vases

to add some COLOR into your kid’s room.

Starting with a basic clear glass vase.  I took some Christmas garland I got on sale last season.  (Shhh it does not look like Christmas here.)  Clear glass vases are a terrific way to drop some of the things you love to decorate with.

Look how quickly the design and color just changed by trading  out the elements. We went from chic girl to Lego boy with one inexpensive vase.

This next picture is a simple table top arrangement with one simple vase.  Look how much color this one vase brings out the other colors in just two simple accents.  I would put this on a night table and put all the pretend flowers she makes in her vase.

How many times have you tried to think of ways to display that precious and special blanket made by your Aunt Betty?  You can take a simple wall shelf, and fill the entire shelf with just a simple potted vase and then wrap that blanket up (without the baby) and display. How is that for a pop of color?  Aunt Betty will be so charmed, or better yet, forget Aunt Betty and display something your mother-in-law gave you. It could be a cute blanket, outfit, rolled up artwork too.

Mix and matching vases to create a color sweep of the colors you want to bring out in the room.  Using two vases, both with different character we are able to mix it up a little.  This would be perfect on a dresser with a lovely picture above.

Speaking of a picture above.  Here we have taken a picture and popped the unexpected colors with bright yellow and blue accents.  Sometimes you might have colors that dominate.  Look for that one soft hue that is understated and then find a vase to pop out the colors.  I love how this yellow vase brightens the picture too.

Stacking your design elements to accent a taller vase.  I love how the vase, frame and fabric box create so much design. Inspired by a simple blue vase.

It is so simple to decorate all the areas of your home with vases. Often we think of flowers to fill them with.  If you have a boring dull vase, think of the possibilities in using vases to decorating and finding Vases for your kid’s room.  All of these vases, look so different once lined up with kid’s room accents.

Was this post helpful?  If you were inspired to use a vase to decorate your kid’s room please comment and let us know. Send us your pictures so we can see and add your pictures to this blog post. 

Happy Decorating your kid’s room.


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