Tween Girl’s Room

Ah yes that Tween Girl’s Room so many of us dread.  Why do we dread decorating a young teenager’s room?  Could it be that these tweens grew up enough to have a voice, to have a say in just how the room would be decorated.

Exactly, a loud say in the colors and the design choices for her room. Nothing like we would have done.  This room speaks the mind and heart of this tweener girl. Lots of sparkly and color.


What was once a large empty space is now a functional storage space. It’s a  chillin’ with girl friends kind of place.  She wanted LOTS of colors, LOTS of pillows.  Having a designer step in between mother and daughter is never a bad thing. The designer, can direct the mother on her daughter’s desires while that same designer directs the daughter to her mother’s wishes.  Mom wanted functional use of space, while daughter wanted messy colors in bright hues.  Daughter wanted NO furniture.  How did we fix this?  Creating this cozy space of function, lots of drawers and adding in panels of vibrant colors and pillows.
Up-close and personal with this girl and her desire for sparkles and color.  Mom just about fell over when I suggested we paint the walls a bright lime green.  She trusted me. Even more, mom wanted her daughter to feel that she could express her 13 year old self.   With mom, holding her breath the paint went up and so did this artsy collection of beaded gals, which was a gift from mom a few years back.  Now mom’s heart is warmed not by paint but by her daughter embracing this gift and wanting it displayed.
This is one of my favorite all time pictures.  Why?  It was a complete surprise.  Who knew that so much design would be cast on the walls of this already very hip room.
I sure did not, and we all stood in awe of this delightful surprise.
I love this 3-pronged light fixture. I love even more that this tweener and I took a trip to the bead store.  There she chose the color of beads to add more of her personality and character to this light fixture.   Allowing her own creative investment, ideas, and crafting skills in beading. Installing two of these funky fixtures, at each end of her exceptionally wide bench seat.
Function, storage, and no free floating furniture was the requirement of this room per our young tweener & mom.  With careful measurements and a skilled craftsman we were able to center a custom queen-size headboard.  Once the headboard was centered we worked out
the measurements for custom built drawer units with shelving.
I love the wild bedspread that captures all the colors cast throughout this room.
As the designer of a tweener, it’s important to do one thing really well.  L.I.S.T.E.N.  Listening is important for all designers, however with a tweener it’s a different kind of  listening.  You are gaining a young friend who thinks the world of you before they even know you. Why?  Because you are going to help that young tweener reflect her independence and help develop new confidences in self expression.  Her self expression in the many color panels of her drapes, her pillows, and her wild bedspread. Mom was not so sure about the lighting fixtures or color pallet, but in the end, this turned out to be one amazing Tween Girl’s Room.
What are some ways you have helped your tweener gain
new confidences in self expression through design?
If you have any questions about decorating your child’s room I would love for you to ask me.

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Elizabeth, your personal  kids room designer


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