Wall Stripes & Kids Room Design

I would like to say this is a step by step tutorial on painting stripes on your walls and adding amazing design  to your kids room.  The only stripes I paint are those on the custom shelves, 4 peg wall racks, letters and the occasional piece of furniture.  When it comes to walls, stripes and the execution of work I bring in the experts.

Being a designer, I do however get to be the expert on the use, the color, the width and the placement of stripes on your walls.  Striping can be the best accents of colors in your kid’s room.   Adding stripes to any wall in your home is a very big commitment.  A bold commitment, and a somewhat permanent commitment.  Why?  It is very labor intensive to the expert. Careful calculations, measurements, and the application, although it appears to be “just” taping and measuring it is  art to the artist.  It takes concentration and a steady hand.  Strips on your wall are different from just throwing up your favorite colors of paint.  How many times, a client has chosen their favorite paint, and then within 2 months switches kids from one room to the next and now the room is being repainted.  Not so favorable when you have invested in stripes on your wall.  I love stripes. You will often see in the designs I sew and paint that there are stripes.  Stripes do bring in color that allows your design features to stand out.

Here are some of my favorites and why I love them.  If you are considering having your walls striped I suggest you work with an exert. I am very handy with a paintbrush, have painted many murals, and many different designs on  walls. When it comes to stripes on a wall I leave that to the experts.  You should too.

Soft spoken in this tiny space adding
depth to this room with under shadow stripes.

I am always a big fan of yellow wide stripes.
So simple and elegant.

Horizontal with soft hues of blue & gray
tone down this striped wall. Simple accents
are all you need with striped walls.

Wide, bold & red with simple
design accents around the room.
Bold at it’s best!

This is one of my favorites. Imagine all the
fun you can have in this room.

Masculine growing up boy.
Notice how simple the bedding is.
Understated design accents when using
a bold horizontal stripe. I Love this!

Little boy blue with many stripes.
I think a piece of furniture on that big striped
wall would soften this room.

Simple design accents with this
amazing mix of color and stripe.

Transferring the stripe onto a piece of furniture
Very clever to bring design into that simple chair.

As you can see there are so many variations in how to use stripes in your kids room.  One common thread, or stripe I should say, that all these rooms have is the underscoring of “stuff” in the rooms.  You don’t see lots of wall art, or decorations scattered. Simple design elements are all you need once you have striped your walls.  All you need are a few little pops of color to bring that color out of the wall and into your room.

Now this is courageous room! Taking every inch of wall into stripe fanciful fun. 

Pinks and Gray tones,so soft on this wall.
Designing with simple elements to mix and match the

What are some of your favorites.  Have you used stripes in a room before?  Did you paint them yourself?  If you have pictures I would love to see and share. What are your thoughts on stripes and kids room design?


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