Our First Shipment for our Kids Room Boutique

Our first shipment came in yesterday for our Kids Room Boutique also called Hung Out To Buy.  It was scheduled to arrive into the warehouse today, instead it came yesterday, when I was out-of-town.  I was blessed to have someone on-sight to receive the shipment. It feels like my birthday or Christmas.  Opening boxes and seeing what is inside.  I hopped on up the boxes and wanted to start dancing. My newest business associate, Elliot (you can read here: http://hungouttobuy.com/2012/06/26/new-to-hung-out-to-buy-meet-elliot-3/ to find out who this guy is.) grabbed his phone and shot this picture of me. If you don’t know me well, you will know one thing and that is I have no age qualifications for being very sophisticated, especially when it comes to furniture rolling into the warehouse.  I also spare no expense to seeing that my exact-o knife color coordinates with my outfit. I am a designer for Pete’s sake, I better have something on or around me that works when it comes to color.

Why is this shipment so important and make me so giddy?  It’s been over five years that I stepped away from designing kids’ room to invest every ounce of brain energy into a special needs boy of mine. My deaf child needed me home full-time and my full attention. I stepped away from a career I loved, and a community I love even more for that precious boy. Now, I am back at it, and that precious little Ethan is doing amazing.  As a matter of fact, he is a terrific helper.

I am also giddy because my oldest son Elliot, who grew up in this business is now excited to jump in with both feet. So much that he, as giddy as I am, starts snapping pictures left and right. I had to grab my phone and take this honorable picture or Elliot inspecting our first pieces of kids room furniture going onto our showroom floor.  This is very familiar to him. I look forward to a future guest blog, by Elliot to share a little of what it was like growing up in this business with his mom.  As you know I love sharing the process and sharing in this first shipment of our kids room boutique.

Want to chat it with Elizabeth or Elliot?  You can do so here;


New to Hung Out To Buy-Meet Elliot


He was 4 years old when I first asked him to help open the boxes and sort out the kids room products inside. He was a terrific help. He was 6 years old when he would roller blade up and down the storefront with his friends. He was eight years old when he first gave his honest assessment of a product in his mom’s store. The customer asked me, “Is this a good clock for kids?” This eight-year-old said, “no, the ringer is not very loud.”  He was ten years old when he started to wash the windows, and dust.  He was a young teen wondering around in a deliver truck.  Meeting customer’s in their homes.

At the age of 16 he traveled all over the U.S. as my personal assistant.  Helping carry the products for clients, slug bags through hotels. Work along the “Vogue Bambini” team for a big kid’s runway show. He learned the value of hard work standing in the booth for hours at major events getting to know the clients.  He attended formal dinners with the VIP’s of companies.

He stood in the showroom and assisted customer’s and then went away to college.  He graduated from college with a Business Management Major. He has worked for three years learning what business is like on his own.  Then that little boy who worked in a family business grew up to be this amazing young man. The kind of young man that a business would hire. Want to invest in and guess what. That young man accepted the invitation to join his mother. No longer as her son, but as her colleague. 

From toddler to teen and a young man working at Hung Out To Buy in both the web-store and our retail location in NW Portland. That little boy is no longer roller blading along the storefront. He rides his bike into work and puts new perspective into a growing business.  Adding value to each major decision and it’s with great honor I introduce Elliot Otteson, my oldest son, as the new Director of Sales and Marketing for Hung Out To Buy.


 Please get to know Elliot by following him on twitter: @elliotis

5 Ways to DIY Kids Room Frames

Today I would like to show you 5 ways to DIY frames for a kids room.  I am guilty of hoarding frames. I have this habit of buying frames in 5’s because I am going to make a collage of my five kids with five of the same frames. I also can’t quite part with a broken frame, or even frames that seem to have lost their zeal.   Here are 5 ways to DIY into some fun kids room frames.  You can click on the link below to watch.


Here are some snapshots below of the finished projects.  I am excited to give away three of these, as mentioned on our VLOG.  Here is how you can be a possible candidate to win. Go to our facebook fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hung-Out-To-Buy/292244217488383  Be sure to watch the Vlog for instructions and enjoy some DIY ways to decorate frames for you Kids Room.


Which frames are your favorites?  Mine is the “S”. I am not sure why, except it was so easy and so adorable.  I would love to see some of your frames.  DIY frames you have made for your kids’ room.

Realities of a Kids Room Designer

There are realities of a kids room designer that truly can’t be scripted. Remember, when life was scripted and filmed by actors who were not really the people they acted like, in real-time?  And we watched their perfect pretend lives on TV.  Then technology allowed the reality of every day life, every day people to come into your home.  That would be me.  Watch this Vlog on the “Realities of a Kids Room Designer:


If ever you have a questions about kids room design, I would love if you ask me.

Stepping Up in Kids Room Design

I just landed a very old step stools which now allows some Stepping Up in Kids Room Design.  In my NW Portland store I will be selling old things that I can paint new life into.    I ordered some step stools about a month ago, brand new ones.  I am excited to have these darling painted stools available and I know my customer’s will love them.  However this girl loves the find of solid wood, heavy-duty, sturdy step stools from years past.  Pieces that carry stories over 50 years old.  It’s hard not to keep this one for my own children.  A little girl is going to find a pink step stool in her life very soon. Take a look and see this basic step stool transform.  I was told by the seller it was his when he was a little boy and that his dad made it for him.  The seller was well into his 60’s. Imagine stories this step stool could tell.  Simple and sweet.


Stayed tuned for my vlog update airing on Tuesday June 26th.  I will be giving 5 different ways to use new and used frames.  Two lucky viewers will be given one of the frames made up that day.  Details to come.  Happy Weekend,

Your Personal Kids Room Designer,  Elizabeth

Have a few things to tell me, feel free to share your thoughts here.

30Secondmom & Kids Room Design

30Secondmom and a kids room designer, what do we have in common?

I started following this website a couple of months ago through my android. I thought what better way to brighten my day, as a mom, than to hear from other mom’s who have gone before me, or who have studied the fine art of mothering as a career.  Each contributing writer has a specialized field that relates to almost every element of mothering and being a parent.  Topics not just about our kids, but nutrition ideas, health, money, home, travel, beauty, relationships, activities, technology, and here is where I come in, even a kids room designer.

As a contributing writer for 30secondmom it is my job to bring tips and ideas on how to spruce up, decorate, do it yourself, ideas for your kids room.

At first I thought, I would not be able to fill this role, as I am not one who is few on words.  After sifting through years of working with clients, I found it very easy to add a 30secondmom (click on my link) tip each day.  Taking the questions I have been asked over the years and giving quick ideas, remedies, and antidotes on kids’ room design.

Elisa All is the founder of 30secondmom.  I have had the opportunity to get to know her these past few weeks. Chatting about being moms and business owners.  She has been nominated for a prestigious Moxie Award-Celebrating the best in digital. http://moxieawards.builtinchicago.org/  You can also view one of her own 30secondmom updates here. Like you, and like me, she is a business owner who desires to also be a terrific mom. http://www.30secondmom.com/author10-elisaall

Each week 30secondmom is host to a Twitter Chat called “#30secondmom chat”  It’s at 6:00pm Pacific time, every Wednesday evening. I have my husband on board for this coveted time. He arrives home from work a little earlier, takes the boys, cooks dinner, deliveries dinner to my home office so I can get in on the chat.  Each week a guest speaker is brought in and we all learn new ideas about being a mom in this world.  This week, June 20th,2012 I will step into that role.  I admit I am little nervous, but excited to be the guest speaker, speaking on kids room design.

I am passionate about 30secondmom for many reasons.  First and foremost is the fact that we live in busy shoes.  Switching around with various roles from stay home mom, working mom, mom running errands and doing life with kids. Even dads can jump in as they too live more involved lives with their children.   This website has brought together a wealth of information by moms who have gone before us.  Even as a contributing writer I check my phone daily to read what great tips have been posted.  I learn new things. Hard to believe that a mother of five, with her oldest being 24 would learn new things. Even younger moms bring me new insights into my own mothering, my own relationships and encouragement in my day to day living.

I invite you to join in on the chats.  Follow on twitter @30secondmom #30secondmom and sign up to get the daily updates at www.30secondmom.com

I also invite you to join me as I share some idea on kids room design this Wed. June 20th @ 6:00pm Pacific Time. Go to twitter and type in #30secondmom .  Jump into the conversation and meet a group of lovely people, both moms, dads, and the likes of those who enjoy great conversation. Introduce yourself. We want to know you personally, and this chat allows us to do just that. Yes, 30secondmom and a kids room designer have much in common.

What are some questions for your kids room you would like answered through 30secondmom?

Kids Room Designer “Yes, Come and meet me via video aka vlog”

I am now joining the world of vlogging by bringing you information about kids room design.  Having set up a YouTube Hung Out To Buy, you can now follow some of the tips, DIY, and kids room design direction and trends going on.  I do have a disclaimer which is important to know. Especially since my ten-year old looked at this video and asked, “mommy why didn’t you brush your hair?”  I do not have a make artist or fashion consultant. I am open to your comments in those areas.  However I do have the skills for kids room design.  Go and take a look and let me know what you think.


What are some things you might want me to talk about?  DIY projects you want to see?  Would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to know when it comes to kids room design.

Kids Room Furniture

Kids Room Furniture buying in the middle of the night, is it safe?  I have a big picture window staring at me. Complete darkness outside. Reminding myself that sewing my curtains for my office should be a priority if I make middle of the night blogging & buying a habit.  I made the mistake of going to bed early, which really felt like a long nap, so now wide awake while the rest of the house sleeps and I am buying kids room furniture.

I just reviewed my furniture order for the new store.  I have written it over 5 times, trying to bring in my purchases “under” budget.  My finance manager will be happy about that.

Here is the first collection called “Sabrina” I am ordering.  Imagine this entire row in a soft butter cream yellow.  The mirror will hang above the dresser, the nightstand next to the bed.  All in that lovely soft hue of yellow.  These will be pieces that can be ordered in many different colors, but for the showroom I love the yellow.  You will also be able to order here, at this website too.  How exciting is that.  For now this is just a preview, but by all means if you want this now send me an email.

Sabrina Twin Headboard  Sabrina ChestSabrina End TableRound Sabrina Mirror

These next pieces of furniture are the Portland collection. It is going to be shown in the same red you see above.  All red and all stunning.  I know of a little boy who is going to be begging for some of these pieces.  My six-year-old wants red furniture, and he just may get it.  What do you think of red furniture in a boy’s room?

Portland Twin Headboard  Portland Tall Boy

Portland Bedside TableI can’t wait until that first truck comes rolling up to the dock to unload. That “finance manager” is going to be wearing a different hat that day.  Helping with the unloading of these pieces of furniture.  The collection has many more pieces to show which I will bring in more at a later date. I just thought it might be fun for everyone to see what I have been up too…in the middle of the night…the usual, just buying Kids Room Furniture.  Doing my best to bring my customers the cutest, finest, and best pieces for your kids room.

What are some of your favorite pieces of furniture for a kid’s room?

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