Painting My Office With Kids

It is Sunday and I am taking a detour from the kids room…and moving into painting my office with kids.  Having my 22-year-old move to Florida meant some room swapping, leaving me with the prize. Relocating my office from one room to another.  I have had this plan for an office in my head.  Being a designer,  I can see the room completed.  So my excitement in knowing I now have a clean slate spurred on the family to want to be part of painting my office.

This is the first time in over 23 years that I have personally painted my own project.  I “claim” that I don’t paint rooms, and thus have enlisted some gifted painters in my home(s).  I even called my painter two months ago to see if he might have an opening the 1st week of June.  I then thought….opportunity….labor of love….for my readers.  Why not log a room project of painting my office with the kids.

We gathered the kids and went to pick up the paints.  I thought I would write this in 3 parts. Painting The Office-The Empty Room-The New Mommy Office.  Kick back and  follow our progress.

Green is my favorite color. There are so many hues of green to choose from.  I chose this as it lends itself well to the fabrics chosen for drapes and pillows.   Trust me this green is awesome.  Look how well it goes with the fabrics below.

This is the fabric for the drapes, throw pillows and a lamp shade.  Imagine what the walls will do to pop all this color.  With a house full of boys I want to get more girly into my life, starting with my office.  Can you tell I am a kids room designer?  Based on my colors and the fun cheery look this room will have all kind of inspirations.

Blue is my second favorite color. I decided that I would have some fun in designing with paint and how this room would turn out. I have to spend a lot of time in this room, so using the two paints, accenting each other gives a whole new look.

David and I decided, at 10:00pm Saturday night, to get started. We planned on including the kids, but since this was a first for us as a couple, painting an office, we needed to find our groove painting.  We were able to put the blue on the walls. Note that if ever using two colors, always start with your lightest color first. As you can see,  David is very pleased, and we certainly found our groove. I paint the tight corners and he rolls out the big parts.  All with 70’s music in the back round.

Painting with kids can be very frustrating and challenging.  They want to jump in and help with energy and enthusiasm.  They are not mindful of where the paints are, that a loaded brush drips, and you don’t rest your bare foot on a wet wall, or that you lean against the wall to sit.   My husband and I made sure to give our boys the opportunity to do this job well.  Giving them clear directions, spacing the boys across the room  from each other,  and explaining the beginning and the end to their specific jobs.  Their jobs were to paint along the blue tape.  We also removed stress of spills and splatters, by investing in the larger drop cloth, investing in small brushes that are easy for smaller hands, and in the back round fun 70’s music was a must.  One thing my husband and I both noticed, is our own stress level was higher, and we were a bit distracted keeping the boys focused.  There was a great sense of accomplishment when their specific jobs were completed.  We explained that we, the grown ups would finish the bigger jobs, and off they went to play.

Notice that Eric is holding a small plastic container with very little paint.  His job was to paint about an inch up from the blue tape at the base of the wall.  Have a wet rag on hand, so there is no stress for small spills.  Water based paints wipe up very easily.

Ethan is given a more delicate job.  He is older and I love that he was so careful and  took his job seriously.  Notice again the small plastic container with paint. Small and easy for little hands to hold, as well as a smaller brush.

And then there is the ever so adorable creative one.  Can you guess his name?  He lasted long enough to write his name. He is only six years old and walls and paint were serious business as long as he could be creative.  He was off to play after his own little masterpiece.

Now we know where that creativity comes from.  Papa and his roller writing.   I love that Eric is carefully working along the base as Papa rolls the ceiling green.  Green, so excited to have a green ceiling.  I have wanted a green ceiling for a very long time.

We were able to complete the major painting.  I suggest, even if it’s quick drying paint to wait a day until removing the blue tape.  This allows the paint to set, absorb and if any major touch ups need to be done, you are still set up.   Next the blue tape will be removed and I will refine all the edges.  Until then, this is a No Boy Zone.

I am so excited to be posting the next part of this project, “The Empty Room”.  All painted and taking the camera to show and talk about accenting colors in a room.  Painting the office with kids was a success today.





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