An Empty Painted Office

An Empty Office that was painted with the help of my kids. (You can read the first post that started this here: “Painting My Office With Kids”  ) Now what?  Why post on an empty room?  How often do we have a clean slate to start with?

What are some changes you might make in your next room make-over?  I wanted a green room and ceiling.  Literally.  I also wanted to bring in blue.  As you can see I got my green ceiling. It was sure  fun convincing my husband that green on a ceiling will look amazing. Either you are rolling your eyes, or thinking “AMAZING”!  Creating your room, that expresses who you are starts with the colors you choose.  If you have a hard time deciding then it’s time to enlist a designer.  A designer will help you understand what makes you who you are and then surround you with elements in design that define you.  My office, my choice of colors, my passions for design and creating being inspired by the colors I love most green & blue.

Looks a little empty and lonely in here.

Understanding color is often confused with designer geek-like science.  Which blue?  Which green?  How do I choose?  If you paint it, it will come to you.  I admit that I am not my own client. I see colors and hues spot on. I have been choosing colors for so long, that I see it in my head, and then find it.   I chose my paints without ever choosing my fabrics. I would never do that with a client.  In this case my eyeballs are in my head and it came to me. I loved it.  My passion for these two colors now a reality on my walls and guess what?

The colors meet in the corner.

While my husband finished painting the walls I ran out to find some fabric that will pull the colors all in.  I love color.  The room is empty. I have to fit three large bookcase, my desk, a love seat (so if you are in my office you have a cozy place to sit) and my sewing table.  Can it be done. This empty room is going to be filling up really fast.

Mixing and mingling some of my favorites.

I had to have this yellow love-seat. I have had it  for three years. When I first got it, it sat in a room all its own.  I would go and sit and read.  I knew that someday it would go in my office.  Many lovely friends have sat on this love-seat sharing their hearts with me. It’s part of the designer heart and now fashion for my office.  Sewing the drapes, the pillows, and moving all the furniture will have to wait until this weekend. Excited to show you the finished room. My eyeballs  and vision see it all done.  Stay tuned for the Finale’.  What once was the empty painted office will be the lovely office I now work from.

Do you have a cozy chair or a favorite spot in your home?  What is it?  Questioning what colors your next project should be?  I am here to help you. If you want to email me some pictures of a room you are working on, I’d be happy to look in and add some ideas.  Now to go and fill that empty painted office.


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