Our First Shipment for our Kids Room Boutique

Our first shipment came in yesterday for our Kids Room Boutique also called Hung Out To Buy.  It was scheduled to arrive into the warehouse today, instead it came yesterday, when I was out-of-town.  I was blessed to have someone on-sight to receive the shipment. It feels like my birthday or Christmas.  Opening boxes and seeing what is inside.  I hopped on up the boxes and wanted to start dancing. My newest business associate, Elliot (you can read here: http://hungouttobuy.com/2012/06/26/new-to-hung-out-to-buy-meet-elliot-3/ to find out who this guy is.) grabbed his phone and shot this picture of me. If you don’t know me well, you will know one thing and that is I have no age qualifications for being very sophisticated, especially when it comes to furniture rolling into the warehouse.  I also spare no expense to seeing that my exact-o knife color coordinates with my outfit. I am a designer for Pete’s sake, I better have something on or around me that works when it comes to color.

Why is this shipment so important and make me so giddy?  It’s been over five years that I stepped away from designing kids’ room to invest every ounce of brain energy into a special needs boy of mine. My deaf child needed me home full-time and my full attention. I stepped away from a career I loved, and a community I love even more for that precious boy. Now, I am back at it, and that precious little Ethan is doing amazing.  As a matter of fact, he is a terrific helper.

I am also giddy because my oldest son Elliot, who grew up in this business is now excited to jump in with both feet. So much that he, as giddy as I am, starts snapping pictures left and right. I had to grab my phone and take this honorable picture or Elliot inspecting our first pieces of kids room furniture going onto our showroom floor.  This is very familiar to him. I look forward to a future guest blog, by Elliot to share a little of what it was like growing up in this business with his mom.  As you know I love sharing the process and sharing in this first shipment of our kids room boutique.

Want to chat it with Elizabeth or Elliot?  You can do so here;


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