Kids Room Design-Literally

When designing a fabulous kids room for a website, the reality is simply staging each design accent to show it’s best side.  You only see a cropped, edited view of one image and it’s that image that pushes and pulls at your passions.  As a Kids Room Designer, the website has been the easy part.  There are many takes, or retakes.  A professional photographer would know that I am shooting my own pictures. Yet the message of design is communicated.

Yesterday, I was working hard on the displays of my showroom.  Moving wall units, rearranging and then sitting back in a cozy rocker and just staring at the displays.  As I was sitting, rocking, swiveling in every direction I thought how some things never change.  Technology sure makes things look sharp, but you never see beyond that one photo.

In a showroom, you see beyond one object to the next.  Eyes, dancing from one design accent to another.  It was that moment of being literally in kids room design.  Literally is what it actually is. Intentional is that one item I want you to focus on.  I am very intentional with each product placed on my website.  I have yet to add 100’s more products to this site.  Taking a small detour to open the local Portland boutique/shop.  Sweeping out the warehouse, painting furniture, painting wall units and then the arranging of each kids room display, designing a story to be told.                                                       

Hung Out To Buy, myself (Elizabeth) and Elliot, really love to share the realities of our story.  Your job, your work, your children, your realities are what define you.  Realities like, waking up to the dog not having any dog food. I have been working long hours this entire week, and I am the only one who  buys the dog food.  Reality for our precious pup, Eddy is he had left over chicken breast for breaky.  Reality, is it’s Saturday and I am going back into the grind of setting up this showroom.  We bumped our opening to next weekend ( July 14th) So I have lost a week.  Yet, what I love I am doing.  I love when my husband pops his  head in my home office, literally looks around the corner and says, “how are you doing?  You love this don’t you?”  I say, “yes I do!  It’s working out the details when I may not be smiling, but I love it.”  He then will ask if I need anything, and sometimes I make up something just so he knows he’s an important part.

Kids Room Design-Literally simply means I can’t take that photo and crop into the finest elements of the design. It’s all laid out and being carefully placed.  Some may cringe at the images on this post, as I can be the first to say that lighting and quality are not the best. As I sat in that rocking chair, I could not help but pull out the camera. No thought on lighting, or angles, or staging.  Kids Room Design-Literally!

Which one is  your favorite?


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