Laying Out Your Kids Room Space

Laying Out Your Kids Room Space

I get that we all did not get the spatial gene, which lack of this important gene does affect the Laying Out of Your Kids Room Space.  Here are 5 things to think about when laying out the elements of your kid’s room space.

1. Find Your Center-Piece Wall

Stand in your doorway and visually sweep across the room.  Ask yourself what is your main wall you see, when you first look in. Why is this important?  Not everyone has an entire room decorated beautifully.  Some of us still have misfit pieces of furniture, or not enough to fill a room.  Taking your main wall and making that your focal point, working to make that one wall your center-piece for building out from, makes a room look more put together than you think. By choosing your favorite design accents and placing them on  your center-piece wall.

2. Find Your Least Viewing Wall

Stand in your doorway. Look to the left and to the right.  What wall are you clearly looking down the side? If one piece of furniture were placed on this wall you would see the side of it?  This space is perfect for your kid’s playing center. Bookcases, desks, all the not so pretty pictures they insist be in their room.  Every picture hung on this wall cannot even be seen from the doorway.   These kinds of areas tend to get messy and cluttered, so placing on a wall, the not so favorites  takes a big load off. You know out of sight out of mind.

3. Determine How Your Kid’s Room is Used

Before laying out your kid’s room space, really think about the reality of how this space will be used.  You will save a lot of rearranging, and buying the wrong pieces if thinking through this. Will this room double as a playroom, triple as a study room?  Will you want your child to have their own desk, a bookcase? Will a sibling be joining them in the future?  Buying furniture pieces that use the vertical space will save you from having to cram things in.  A tall chest of drawers affords more space for a book-case.  Those two pieces take up the space of a double wide low chest.  A desk will often come with a hutch (bookcase on top)

4. Always Measure Your Space 2x

Grab your tape-measure and scribble out your room. No need for fancy graphics.  Just be sure to measure twice.  Measure your space from one window edge to a wall, your space between closets, doorways, ceiling to floor.  Scribble down your measurements and take them where ever you go.  This way when you find that one of a kind piece, you know exactly where it is going to going and most important you measured it correctly.

5. Have fun!

If you are not able to hire a kid’s room designer and left to your own it can be very frustrating.  There may be lots of starting, stopping, and taking it all back.  This process of decorating a kid’s room can be hard.  You want all the bells and whistles, but you don’t know how to piece it all together.  Make a list of how you want your room to look finished.  Start with your end goal.  Then write out the details of how you want that process to go, the things you can make, the things you will have to buy and then start with one small project at a time.  If you don’t like an unfinished look, then collect everything over time, tuck it away and then make a big deal of a weekend project. Make it fun regardless of the mini setbacks, which can happen.

If you ever feel you are over your head, you are welcome to email me a copy of your measurements and scribbling’s and I can assist you with laying out your kids room.  All you have to do is ask.  I hope this Laying Out Your Kids Room Space has been helpful and inspires you to start rearranging your kids room into something fabulous.


Your Personal Kids Room Designer, Elizabeth Traub



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