Trending in Kids Room Design

This past week I have spent a great deal of time in my warehouse Trending In Kids Room Design.  Covered in hues of oranges, aqua’s pinks, whites and some blue and green are still waiting to be opened.  Painting a lot of accent furniture pieces.  I was asked, “how do you know what colors to be painting?  What is Trending in Kids Room Design?”  I have  a secret.  Okay, lean in a little closer. Look to your left, and then your right. Make sure no one is reading over shoulder.  I know what’s trending in kids room design.  I have known for over 20 years.  Now I am going to share this secret with you. Here it is.  Whatever you love and what raises your excitement level is what is trending in kids room design.

I found this old wooden desk. Layers of paint from years of the past. I had to sand it down to beautiful raw wood, and then I painted it a beautiful crisp white.  And then a new trend hit me.  New?  Is anything really new?  Or is it an old idea being reinvented into something more interesting for today’s culture.  I have never ever followed a trend.  I do not pour through magazines and follow suit.  Nor should you.  It takes some boldness, confidence and a love for a color to step out into your own trend and guess what?  There lies the secret to what’s trending in kids room design. A darling Aqua Striped desk.  I had so much fun painting this. Color is what is trending in the back of my warehouse.  This piece made it onto the showroom floor and I love it.  It’s what trending in kids room design.

Do you love this?  What is trending in your kids room design?

Trending In Kids Room Design

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