Porltand Kid’s Room

You have heard of the “news room”, the “class room”, the “green room”, the “powder room”, the “tact room”,  and now we are introducing the “Portland Kid’s Room”.

Each month we are going to feature a local kids’ room here in Portland, OR.  A room that we thought would light of the streets of Portland, give great ideas and insights that go beyond our own design skills.  Just today a lovely pregnant mama and her husband came into the our showroom. She shared what she was doing in her nursery. Sharing how she is bringing all kinds of color, and design elements. As she shared, her face lit up.   I asked if she would like to be  our first feature for “Portland Kid’s Room”, and guess what she said YES!

What exactly will the Hung Out To Buy team, Elizabeth & Elliot, be doing?  Grabbing one of our favorite photographers, grabbing a video camera and step into reality at it’s finest.  We are going to step into a Portland Kid’s Room, take pictures, talk to the parents, and meet the kids who live in these rooms.  Who needs to hire an actress, wait our first Portland Kid’s Room feature is an actress here in Portland.  We will tell you more about her later.

If you live in and around the Portland, OR area and think you have a room worthy to be featured in our “Portland Kid’s Room” monthly segment we want to hear from you.  Contact us and let us know who you are and tell us about your room. You never know, you just may find yourself, your kid’s room, and your amazing decorating featured here on our website and linked to our youtube channel.

Contact us here:


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