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I know it’s kind of cheesy when you see your name in print and start dancing and singing.  Especially if you are eating a cheese sandwich or spraying cheese on a Ritz cracker. No matter how you slice it. I did just that.  Wow!!!  Thank you 30secondmom.com for featuring me on your blog this week. I am truly grateful.  As a contributing writer I promise to always bring your readers my best in kid’s room design.  I also promise to limit the cheesy factor to my own blog pages.  This is a straight cut and paste, no cheesier way to post this.

30Second Kids Room Design Tips with @ElizOnTheGo!

Posted on July 17, 2012 by elisa

The wonderful Elizabeth Traub is a 30Second Mom contributor who is a kids’ room designer with a website and a Portland-based showroom that are filled with bright ideas for kids’ rooms. Her simple, functional and stylish suggestions make it easy for any mom to turn a basic room into a space her child won’t want to leave. Check out some of the thoughts Elizabeth shared with us at 30Second Mom!

Q) How did you end up getting involved with interior design, particularly for kids’ rooms?

Elizabeth Traub

A) At 14, my parents let me decorate my own room. I like decorating kids’ rooms because they yield lots of fun and color! I then sewed my linens for my college dorm room. My influencers noticed I had a gift, which led to a future in design.

Q) When deciding on a design for a child’s space, it’s hard to know where to start! What do you turn to for inspiration?

A) When designing kids’ spaces, I ask my clients questions about their kids, including their personalities and their two favorite colors in the world. This provides plenty of inspiration!

Q) What are some easy ways to add design elements to your kids’ rooms without breaking the bank?

A) Accent pillows, wall shelves, picture frames – these all spruce up kids’ rooms. You can buy new or do it yourself (DIY).

Q) What are common frustrations when designing kids’ rooms and how do you overcome them?

“Simply Sabrina” from http://www.HungOuttoBuy.com

A) It’s very common for parents to have purchased the wrong size of furniturethat limit space and function. It’s frustrating to have to start over or relocate a kid’s room into another room, yet it happens a lot.Q) What tips do you have for how can we make our kids’ rooms a fun yet functional space?

A) Allow room for your kids to be creative. Desk/play-tables and bookcases offer so much function and creativity. I also like allowing a wall just for framing your kid’s art for inexpensive and meaningful design.

Q) What are your absolute must-have furniture pieces for every child’s room?

A) A twin bed – sizing up takes up much-needed space for later. Also, a chest of drawers can double as a nightstand if space is limited.

Thank you for these great tips! For more from Elizabeth, follow her on Twitter and read her blog!


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