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Hung Out To Buy is a full service designer/retail showroom/website.  We offer a vast selection of fine products to decorate the most creative, fun, conservative and outrageous clients.  Visiting our showroom creates ideas and dreams for a child’s room from infant to teen and all the children in between.  That is what makes our showroom & website so much fun.   At Hung Out To Buy you get one on one full service.  We can schedule an appointment to accommodate your busy schedule and offer an in home design consultation as well as full design services.  We ask you to contact us through our email service, if you are shopping from our website.  As designers who specialize in kid’s rooms, we can assist with all the decisions is creating that special space and place for your child.

Designing a child’s room starts with our client, no matter how young, how old and often times not even born.   I am very good at listening and discerning what look the client is wanting for their child’s room.  Working with a client often begins with building on something that inspires the client.  It can be a color pallet, a picture, an old family heirloom, a scrap of fabric that has been carried around for months.  My job as your kids room designer is to offer direction and guidance on design elements that work with your inspiration piece to create that special room.  During the process it’s very easy to learn about my client, their personality and the objectives of the room being designed.

Once we have established that which inspires, the fun begins.  I sit down with my client and begin to layout the concepts for the room.  We then sit and brainstorm all the wonderful things that could make this a special room.  I admit that I never discuss budget at this part of the design process.  Why?  I can work with many different budgets.  It’s important to design an over the top room that my clients will love.  It’s important that my client trust the process and know that if we have to cut costs and at times corner the outcome will still be the same.  So I always say, “lets plan with all the bells and whistles so I know exactly what you want, and if we have to trim a few bells we can do that.”

Recently I had a customer come  needing help with two of her girl’s rooms.  One room, we chose bedding that was well above her expectation of price, however she loved the look.  She has an entire house to decorate and wanted to be a bit more conservative in price with the kids rooms.  Knowing, now what look we are trying to create made it very easy for me to choose similar colors, and prints that created the look we were trying to accomplish.  And with the money we were saving, we were able to spend more on accessorizing her daughter’s room and other area’s of the house.

Is it time to hire a Kids Room Designer?

We have many fine catalogs, books, magazines, and rooms for our customer’s to come, sit down in a nice warm setting to browse and find inspirations.  Elliot just might put a freshly brewed coffee in your hand, while you browse and look for ideas.  While browsing I had a client find the finish work at the bottom of a window treatment that she wanted to be sure would be on her own window treatment.  Although her window treatment was completely different, my sewer was able to give the finish look.  Pictures  inspire and often launch a new set of ideas inclusive to just that one special child’s room.

Often with my older clients I invite mom to drop their child off at our showroom, so I can work directly with the young tween/teen.  This removes a mommy dynamic that my moms love.  Allowing their child to open up and feel UN-inhibited because you know….moms and teenagers…One of my young clients  came in with her mom.  Mom ran out for about an hour while we brainstormed all the fun things for her room.  She and her mom get along great away from Hung Out To Buy, but it was so fun to work with such a creative spirit and a mom who embraced her daughters own style.  Later the next week when her room was painted I got this call from my young client excited about the colors we chose. She loved her room already and it was an empty shell with paint.  I loved that mom agreed with the creative twist her tweener made in colors.  I just gently guided and mom trusted I could do that.

Color is very important with kids’ rooms.  Another older client name Lauren said that “I love coming into my room, because it gets me out of a grumpy mood”.  We chose an electric lime green for her room.  Color is chosen simply by sitting and looking at paint options here at Hung Out To Buy.  We have over a 100 of colors to choose from, and narrowing down our favorites happen very quickly.  LOVE it, it’s the color, and if you have to think about it and convince yourself that you love it…well then it’s not a good match.  The minute I see eyes light up I know this is a color to use.

The process for a room can take up to twelve weeks once we begin the designing process.  We offer a lot of custom options because I truly do not want my clients to spend the time and money for a special room, only to walk into their friends house and see the same room design.  We truly create an original room defined by the family we are working with.  It’s important to listen to the needs and gently guide to a room that is spectacular.   If we can’t find something, then we will design and build it ourselves.  We have handyman resources for custom work.

The real fun begins when product starts arriving. It’s hard to not put the room together piece by piece but we wait for everything to arrive and then spend an afternoon putting everything in place.  It goes so fast, and the magic of the room comes together in one afternoon.  I love watching a child jump onto their bed, watching mom cringe for a moment, and then relaxing as the enthusiasm and excitement are let go in shrill and screams.

With younger kids it’s about having practical and functional space for playthings, for creating art, for dolls, for trucks, for books and ample clothes storage.  Often clients feel overwhelmed by wanting so much for such a small space only to discover that space does not always limit the fun and function of a room.  Designing a room that transitions is also important, therefore many furniture pieces are chosen with transition in mind.  Let’s face it you can design a fabulous infant or toddler room and eventually the butterflies, fairies, and trucks go bye-bye.  However the investment of furniture remains stable through the transitions, the accessories will change over time if we have done a great job even those will remain.

As my design career has unfolded I have had the joy of watching new family members added, infants that are now teens and the relationships of those customer’s who refer me to their family and friends.  I choose to work with kid’s rooms, however, often the case is working first with the kids’ rooms and then adding rooms in other places of the home.

Hung Out To Buy is proud to have a mother and son team  working on behalf of our clients.  Elizabeth studied at the Seattle Art Institute in the late 80’s.  She had developed her design career and has expanded as a retail consultant, working with companies to help develop their own independent look and design for retail.  Elizabeth had been featured in many Portland Street of Dreams, Better Homes and Gardens, and was featured in Kids Room magazine.  Elizabeth has been represented in the Portland Tour of Remodeled Homes and featured in  Oregon Home Magazine.  Elliot grew up in this business.  When he hit the teen years, he often traveled as an assistant with Elizabeth to client’s homes, and major projects around the U.S.  Elliot graduated from South Eastern University with a major in Business Admin & Management.  He works not only on the showroom floor, managing the Hung Out To Buy website, and Social Media, but you can find him riding his bike through the streets of Portland engaging and investing in relationships with the community.

As you begin to connect with Hung Out To Buy, you will find that long before we are selling or designing we are investing in the relationships and friendships of those whom we get to know.  Hung Out To Buy looks forward to getting to know you, and assisting you in your kid’s room design. Located in the heart of Portland, OR and nationwide through our website. We are adding new products each week to both our showroom and website, so check back often and say hello. 



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