Kids Room Crazy

It’s one thing to decorate and plan a kids room. It’s another thing to lay out a showroom. It’s actually crazy.  I watch HGTV and many other design shows. You know how they always show the cute little design boutique that a designer is working out of.  I have news, the camera’s only capture the staged areas. The areas that the cameras will sweep are sensational and magnificent.  Then there is the other story. HGTV please tell me there is another story?  The new showroom is looking lovely and camera ready.  The behind the scenes stuff, not so true.  Trying to put together a very small boutique, not more than the size of three bedroom has had me going kids room crazy.  I admit that each time I finish a little area I have to instagram that finished little area.  How about instagramming the mess before.  The hours of looking for bunk bed hardware, or that one twisty thing on a lamp that I twisted the wrong way and it rolled away.  I am only showing the sensational and magnificent parts of my daily projects.  I think I am the one slowly going kids room crazy. Now scouring all my vendors for more cute things to bring into the showroom and then the project of updating this website too.    We have a huge warehouse we will be opening up in the next six months.  I am glad we did not put that project into this month or next month, because it really has been a busy challenge that I admit I love.  If you don’t have instagram, the pictures through this post are what I have been posting this past month.  I guess it is safe to say that I am Kids Room Crazy.


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