The Laughing & Crying Kids Room Designer

A collision of laughing and crying in one day by me, the kids room designer.  Typically I take a few clients at a time.  Recently I have been working long hours setting up a showroom. Basically designing 12 rooms within four weeks. Getting products ordered, in, and displayed.  Typically with those few clients it can take up to 12 weeks to complete the one kid’s room, which is quite normal.  My normal is not 12 room designs in four weeks.  Then add the halting of an office make-over at home in progress to scratching that and starting over.  Moving my office out of my home and downtown Portland.  There is bound to  be a collision, and many mistakes along the way.

Yesterday was that day. Paint finally dried, now the hanging of a funky mirror above a painted chest. Orange fun. Yummy summer orange as in bright and cheery.  I was to hang the mirror, pat myself on the back, and then run off to meet two friends for a fabulous afternoon on the waterfront. I even had on my favorite summer skirt.  With the mirror hung, and dangling on one screw, I step back for a split second to see that it was positioned correctly.  Just a quick second, not even a half second and it crashed.  It landed and broke into what seemed like thousands of pieces. Only to realize that the glass top on the chest also had been shattered.  The fright of this must have expanded my belly, because my favorite skirt’s zipper exploded too.  Designer Fail!!!!

Jane, Elizabeth, Paul
Whew skirt fixed!
Portland, OR waterfront

I quickly ran across the street to a dress shop.  I started crying over the emotions of the past 3 minutes. Then I started laughing.  The owner of the shop quickly jumped into the details of fixing my skirt and found a cute scarf to wrap around the skirt if the zipper failed me.  I ended up hanging the frame with no mirror and ran off to a wonderful afternoon with friends.

Life can be challenging and hard.  Sometimes, the precise plans we have end in broken glass, and a split zipper.  Then there is a choice that must be made.  For some it’s simple, for others a bit more of a challenge.  The choice is to find joy in the moment, or to hold onto the frustrations.  I let it go.  I chose to skip off into the afternoon.  Enjoying the day in the sunshine and laughing with friends.  Embracing the laughing and the crying of a kids room designer.

And for the time this did not look so bad.  It has since been replaced by a painting and frame is being repaired with a new mirror.  What are you laughing and crying moments?  How do you choose to work through them?


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