Kids Room Accents & Contact Paper

You don’t have to spend very much to get amazing Kids Room Accents using just Contact Paper.  I find that when I find cute contact paper I have to buy it.  Not sure where I might use it but nice to keep on my shelves I also sell contact paper in my store.   Then one day a client  wants to have her child’s toy-box embellished with color. She wanted it to be embellished in a way that could transition from one child to the next, so no painting or permanent design accents.  Thar’s when it hit me.  Why not use contact paper.  I found a cute print that matched the color and design of her daughter’s room and cut out a triangle pennant to shape along  the top and sides of the box.  What a surprise to my client on both her toy-box and her budget.

If you have a cute frame, and not yet ready to put a picture in it, you can add a little contact paper to add design and color.

You can also use the contact paper to pop more of the colors you are using in your child’s room in many different ways.  Here I have covered a cork boars, and then added contact paper to the aqua blue frame. 


You can cut out shapes of animals, flowers, geometric shapes and stick on to a chair, a wall, or even a mirror.  So  easy and cost-effective to add Kids Room Design with just contact paper.  What might you consider covering?


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