Trending Tuesday Chalk Boards

Today Elliot asked me if I have noticed decorative chalk boards lately and if they are “trending“?  He is new to the other side of the kids room design business. It’s very fun to see him take notice of what is trending.  As a matter of fact, chalk boards have been trending, more so in the past six months, that ever before.  Chalk boards are just about everywhere we go.

What a terrific way to get your kids excited about writing and drawing. Imagine long car rides with a little chalk board, and pretty colors.  Notes to the family as mom or dad are running out the door to work.  Place settings with mini chalk boards, and menus in cafe’s with the special of the day written on chalk boards.  It is safe to say that we’ve gone from painting walls to painting anything that can be framed, painted and hung with a chalk like paint.  I love that even in our store we have this precious pink chalkboard accented with pretty pink bookends.   Once a vintage old mirror, now a restored frame, painted pretty and a chalk board insert.  What little messages, notes, and teaching words might you write on such a pretty chalkboard.

Chalkboards, chalkboards, chalkboards….what designer fancy  way for you to write all those fun notes and scribbles.  Tuesday is Trending in chalkboard fun.  If you have a favorite, visit our Face Fan Page and share some of your favorites. Maybe you’ve seen some amazing Pinterest ideas, or pictures.  You are welcome to join and connect on facebook.  I like this picture I found of a quick paint idea.  So easy!

Feel free to add your comments and ideas here about Tuesday Trending in Chalk Board Fun!


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