Pillow Fun For Your Kids Room

Pillow Fun for your Kids Room

It’s easy to change or spruce up your kids room with fun pillows. I had a mama in my showroom last week doing just that.  She had invested in some lovely bedding, and as most of us do, she got bored with the look. She did not want to start over, as the entire room was designed around  her bedding.  I have learned, through many years of experience, that “bored” often equates to needing just a few more design elements, not yet thought of.

I asked her what colors she had in her room, the colors and print in her bedspread and why she might be bored with it.  “Dull” was her answer.  Dull is not what you want after investing in colors you live in and around your room.  A small investment in a few pillows turns “Dull” into fashionable and fun.  Here are some examples.

This is a darling bed, darling colorful bedding set for a boy’s room.  You can choose your theme, or mix and match themes for transitioning your child’s interests.  Alone without the accents of pillows it looks okay. In my fashion and fun designer style it looks dull.  Now add in some fun pillows and you add a theme to build around, more colors allowing a green accent lamp to work, and fun pillows for your child to toss around.  Accent pillows help bring in colors, that may not be in the bedding, expanding choices for future accents.

Nice but a little dull

Pillows Bring Fun & Color










This next bed has a lot going for it.  It has lots of color, pretty amazing headboard, and then one flat, stand-alone pillowcase. Sure we can go over the top in having a custom make ruffled, and piped sham.  However, in this case there is no time for that. Company is coming and you want to take this “dull” look to quick fabulous designer fun.  By adding three different pieces, a print with texture, a solid with texture and a cute little blanket, you’ve had some fun for the same price as a custom sham and in record time. Sometimes, our dull is not really dull it just lacks the finishing touches.

Nice Perhaps a bit plain.







Pops of Pillow Color


This darling set, actually has a cute ruffled pillowcase. Alone it is very cute.  Sometimes for no reason we get that bug to do more .  Pop some of the colors by simple adding a bright pillow.  Stuffed friends, in the same color scheme, and a custom-made pillow take this from cute and darling to fabulous and fun.  Dull never has to be the only excuse for sprucing.  It’s just fun to decorate and your groove on.

Darling But Dull? You Decide.







Mixing and Matching lots of fun.













These pictures were all taken from my showroom in Portland, OR. If you live in the area stop by and say hi. I would love to help  you spruce up some of your dull. As you can see, it’s quite easy to change or spruce up your kids room with pillows.Happy Decorating from your kids room designer,

Your Kids Room Designer, Elizabeth Traub


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