Daughters Who Love

This evening the words that come to my mind are “Daughters Who Love.”  Tonight, late night, cant’ sleep, much on my mind and then I wander away from writing to a Facebook status update and read this…..A young girl writes:

“Such a fun night! Truly so blessed to have divorced parents who can still do fun things together as a family. I will never take that for granted. I’m so thankful.. thanks mom and dad :)”

I know the girl who wrote this. I know her heart on many levels.  A high school girl whose heart has hurt over the stuff high school girls face today.  I know her love and compassion for her parents.  How many high-school girls make this kind of acknowledgement to their parents publicly? On Facebook?  Even those coming from families still in tact to do not boldly express this kind of appreciation and love very often.  Yet this girl, who knows the struggles in life can embrace what is in front of her. Her parents.  Reading further down was this from her mom:

“Nothing is more important to us then you and —- (name of her brother I blocked)! We also know and appreciate that only we together could have created the two wonderful people that you and —- are. We both adore you and love you. Holidays, birthdays and special occasions and fun times will ALWAYS be shared together because we will ALWAYS be family and divorce doesn’t change that. Thank you for appreciating our togetherness sweetheart. Dad and I love you both so very much. 🙂

Those of us who have been divorced know how messy things get with kids. It is not to say that messy hasn’t happened with this family too.  Yet, even with the messy these two parents are committed to being a family for those important moments in their kid’s lives.  What a real life example of two adults putting aside the adult issues and raising the esteem and value of their children.   The children are more important than the fact they could not function as a married couple.  This is beautiful.  A small public exchange between a mother and a daughter.  On a side note, I met this family over a year ago and quickly fell in love with them.  It was later that we realized that they had purchased their kids furniture from my store, over 15 years ago. How fun is that?

My daughter loves like this too.  She is very public about her affections towards me as her mother.   It has been difficult for her that her dad and I could never be a “family” during those important moments in her life.  Once we had her dad over for her 16th birthday and she said it was one of her best days because both her parents were there.  Sadly that was the last event shared. I have a lot of admiration for this couple who recognize the kids and their need for both parents regardless of divorce.

I am just encouraging parents to set aside some “family” time.  It means the world to our kids.  Read over again what this mama is saying to her daughter.  I know I did not do this part of my divorce well.   Beautiful words from a daughter who loves to her mama who loves.



One response

  1. What an awesome post. Luckily my ex and I have somewhat the relationship that we can put the kids first but it could always get better. Not so much for my new husband’s ex wife. There is so much hatred that it is hurting the kids and she can’t even see it. I am a “fixer” and I can’t fix this and it’s brutal.

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