Night Lights & Kids Room Shopping


Cupcakes, Cupcake Night Light, Girls Room, Kids Room

Cupcake Night Light $18.50

Click here to BUY

I have been in this business long enough to know that very few spend their disposable income on Kids Room  Shopping, so why talk about Night Lights? It is no fun for a little person to open a package with a beautiful sham, a fancy pillow,  or a peg rack for the wall.  Unless you have permission to use that peg rack for heavy artillery, which my ten year old did once, it’s just not fun.  Rather than write on the features and products sold here on my website pages I want to temp you with only one product.  Night Lights.  Every year I order Night Lights by the dozens.  Even before I had all the Night Lights priced and put away in my showroom in Portland, they were selling right out of the box.  Why?  Why Night Lights?  Why not a cute stuffed toy, or darling key-chain, or a sock monkey?

Rocket , Rocket Night Light, Boys Room, Kids Room

Rocket Night Light $18.50

Click HERE to BUY

There is a shopper out there that is practical and price savvy.  Parent, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Gunkals who want something to give that will outlive the next trend.   Night Lights are a darling way to accent a room.  They are very practical, and a price point that is under $20.00 allowing one stop shopping for all the kids in your life.  I was excited over the rocket night light. My ten year old saw that and he asked for it for Christmas.  Always brightens my buying heart when my own kids want the products I invest in.  I am a seasoned buyer and know just the designs and styles that will work in most kid’s rooms.  If this sounds like a sales pitch, guess what it is.  I would love to light up the night for that special little person in your life.  If you are not able to make into the home of that little person I can even wrap as a gift and ship to the front door, ready to be placed under a tree.  Night Lights, indeed for Kids’ Room Shopping.  Here is the link to the page, if you’d like to consider purchasing.


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