Who’s Watching Who Mr. Owl

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Who’s Watching Who?

It’s owl season in these parts and the question remains, who’s watching who?  I have received many emails around the lack of OWL options I have on this website.  Who is asking?  The kids are asking, and the parents then deliver the message of the kids.  Every good buyer must listen to the youngest of customers.  The answer is my customer’s are watching and wanting to see a bigger OWL presence. 

A year ago I brought in these home made pictures of OWL on a canvas. Mixing fabrics, paint, and designs around matching bedding.  I was already, over a year ago, thinking about OWLS.    Check out these master pieces. 




Are you still with me?  Or are you feeling like you are being watched by these wise lovely OWLS?  I have had the opportunity to make up a few of these in custom colors for those who wanted the colors to match their child’s room.  The question that would often follow,  in addition to ordering the picture, “do you have any stuffed owls?”  I am going to start sewing some this spring to also match bedding. 

I lack in owls because I find that the ones I have found, and even the ones I have made have big eyes.  There is this part of me, perhaps a bit kid-like, that feels as if I am being watched.  My kids, all five, are not fans of OWLS.  I have raised kids who do not like stuffed toys with the ability to watch. I wonder if given the nature of an OWL, we feel a bit imposed upon, as if they really do know who’s who?

I gave my six year old an OWL key chain to put on his backpack. Modeled exactly like the cute fellow at the start of this post.  His words, “mama I don’t like this OWL, I feel like he’s looking at me.”  A small key chain. Very funny and very much my thoughts as well.  Do you like OWLS?  They sure are still going strong in kids room design.  Guess what I am watching you Mr. OWL. I am on the look out for more cute OWLS.  Great day to all of my OWL fans.  Elizabeth Traub


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