Sun Dresses and Little Girls

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Giving away a dress today to a sweet baby girl!

Sun dresses and Little Girls remind me of a time very long ago.  My little girl is now 23 years old.  There was a time, when she would throw open her closet and pull down a handful of dresses.  I allowed it. I allowed her to wear every dress throughout the day.  Summer time is a fun time for cute little dresses.  What is in your little girl’s closet?  What is she throwing all over the floor begging to wear?

Today, this little dress is what I would be putting on Emily if she were little all over again.  Now, I will just buy for my customers and hold one back to give as a gift. Now a days, those little girls that once played with Emily are having their own babies.  And today, Jessica P. I would love to give one to you and your little girl. Why?  You, being one of those little girls that grew up coming into my home, bouncing around the jungle gym, sleep overs and dolls.  Now a mama to your own precious girl.  Blessings to you sweet mama and I know this sun dress will look darling on your little girl.


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