“Meet Clarabelle Blue”

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Do you get that star stuck celebrity feeling when you meet an author?  I do and here is why.  When you meet an author and learn their story behind their writing project, you embrace more who they are as an author, writer and in this case a single mama to a special needs child.  When I learn their story, I want to come along and support, and encourage others to do the same.  I am not a big fan of “endorsing” products or services on my website. That is until I shared a radio show with the author of “Clara Belle Blue”, Adiba Nelson.

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Adiba nelson

Adiba Nelson has become a fast friend.  I came across her twitter handle @AdibaNelson a few months back. Like any curious twitter users I followed her link which led me to Three Girls Publishing .   I was then introduced to “Meet Clara Belle Blue”. A few weeks later we were both guests on the Lauren Galley Radio Show.  It was then I made the connection of that kids book author and felt a little start struck that we would be on the same radio show.  We shared a common bond among mothers.  That is being the mother of a special needs child. Our hearts connected and I am now here sharing her story and her book.

Kids, Kids books, special needs, Clara Belle Blue,

I ordered six of her books.  I caught my seven-year old tucked in a chair reading.  At first he was sad to learn that Clara Belle Blue was in a wheelchair.  This book is rhyme and song to the dance and heart of a little girl.  This little girl may seem like a fictitious character.  As I have learned more about Adiba’s life I learn that this is really a story about her daughter Emory. Emory who is confined to a wheel chair. Emory who loves all the things that little girls love.  She may not be able to dance with her feet, but she dances with her heart, her words and her song.  This story is beautiful. Even more beautiful is a mother who has taken the circumstances of her daughter to educate and teach our children.  My seven-year old has since learned more about kids in wheel chairs and has a greater heart of compassion.

I would love if you took a click over to Amazon and purchased this book. “Meet Clara Belle Blue”  by Adiba Nelson

You can also follow the conversation here on Twitter, too. @ClaraBelle_Blue & @AdibaNelson



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