Kids Room Lamp Safety

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I am writing from personal experience on Kids Room Lamp Safety.  As my humble disclaimer, please note this is my personal experience and you should seek professional lamp safety technicians for your child’s room.  I can not calculate the thousands of lamps I have sold in my kids room design career.  Believe me it’s been a lot.

When Emily was about 3 years old she did something that could have burned down the house.  I had already made my mama rounds of making sure sleeping children were covered, and cozy.  My mommy instincts had me going in a few hours later to look in on her.  She has tossed a stuffed animal that landed high, and settled nicely on sconce.  That light was on in her room, and that stuffed animal was already browning quickly by the heat of the light bulb.  I shuttered to think if I had just gone to bed.

Fast forward 20  years to my now youngest child Emerson.  His room is a train wreck. No, really train tacks everywhere, which crashed earlier in his play.  He likes to sleep with his lamp on, and then my husband and I go and turn it off before we go to bed.  Mother’s instinct, once again had me going in earlier.  The lamp was knocked over. It could not have been that way long as this little one was put to bed moments before.


If you look really close, you see a small brown spot on the upper left. This was where the shade was pressed against the hot light-bub.  Again, I shutter at the thought of not having looked in on the boy.  How do we keep kids safe with lamps in a room. There are so many adorable lamps on the market.  They are a fabulous way to add design and fun to a kids room.  Kids will do things like toss a stuffed animal, or carelessly knock over a lamp.  Even with the safest measures there are accidents that can happen.

Kidsroom, Kids Lamps. Kids Safety, Airplanes, Airplane Lamp, Kids Room, Kids Room Design



I have four suggestions.

1.  Listen to your instincts.

2. Be sure a lamp is turned off, and clear of any obstacles that could catch fire.

3. Check on your children before bed.

4. Check lamp to ensure there are no hindrances.

This may all seem like common sense, but the reality is that accidents do happen and we want to do what we can to keep or kids safe.



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